Shafts - General information

FIAMA flexible shafts and couplings offer a simple, effective, and economical solution to transfer rotary movement, power, and torque.
They are characterized by high flexibility, strength, durability, and efficiency and can be used continuously at high speeds to:

Compensate misalignments
Transfer torque where a direct connection is not possible
Connect machine elements which have an offset
Substitution of unprotected, complex, or dangerous mechanisms
Remotely operate elements
Dampen shocks and vibrations
Reduce overall weight of mechanisms
Bypass obstacles below, above, or around

Unlimited applications, also to upgrade existing machines: 
remote operation of elements machine tools filling and packaging machines food processing machines palletizers automotive systems (remote opening of valves, seat adjustment,  window mechanism operation) sliding doors and closures counter movement paper machines textile machines automatic assembly machines connection of lifting jacks linear multi-axis systems printing machines




FIAMA flexible shafts and couplings are silent and maintenance-free. Installation is extremely simple and versatile with terminals by various designs. 
➜ Wide selection of materials for protective cover based on work and ambient conditions.

The shafts and couplings are based on a spiral shaft which can be protected by a flexible cover (made of plastic, rubber, or steel) and the terminals                  
   are made of AISI 303 stainless steel
 The shafts and couplings can rotate in both directions; in the opposite direction of the design direction, the transmissible torque will be reduced by    
   30%. (e.g. a shaft which is ordered as DX will be able to transfer 100% of the maximum torque in the DX direction while in the SX direction
   it will be able to transfer 70% of the torque).
 For lengths above 400mm, it is recommendable to add a protective cover.
The standard lengths are up to 5m (total length including terminals); for higher lengths, it will be necessary to verify the application with our Technical Dept.
It is possible to supply the shafts and couplings in combination with gearboxes, reducers, lifting jacks, and mechanical or electronic position indicators. Special designs can be developed.


1. Left fixing terminals "SX"
2. Right fixing terminals "DX"
3. Spiral shaft
4. Protective cover terminal
5. Protective cover
6. Total lenght


●  Max torque (Nm)
●  Rotation speed (rpm)
●  Design rotation direction: DX (right/clockwise  ) or SX (left/counterclockwise  )
●  Minimum bending radius (mm)
●  Maximum length of the shaft (mm), this is important when considering the torsion angle
● To select the material of the protective cover it is necessary to consider the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, presence of corrosive substances, vibrations, magnetic fields) and the work conditions (continuous or alternating movement, durability, weight, …)
●  Torsion angle = angle that the shaft will rotate when torque is applied; it is proportional to the torque and length (°)

 The values in the table consider a linear installation. For higher speeds, the torque will be reduced. The bending radius will influence the power, torque, and rotation speed.


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