Gearboxes - General information

Universally applied, suitable for all industrial applications where it is necessary to transmit rotary motions between two shafts at right angles.
- Compact and modular design, highly adaptable, easy installation.
- Manual or motorized motion, flanges available for coupling to machines, motors, display units.
- Wide range of input and output shafts with keyways (the seats are never perfectly in phase, higher accuracy on request).
Gearboxes models 66
- 5 sizes identified as 66/22 - 66/4 - 66/5 - 66/6 - 66/8.
- 5 configurations identified as A - B - C - D - E, with protruding output shafts identified as M (male), blind and through females identified as F (female): standard shaft diameters Ø 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 20 mm.
- Standard models with straight bevel gears (Fig. 1); available with spiral bevel gears (Fig. 2) in the current configurations. The 'SP' spiral gearboxes allow high precision, silent operation, and 30% increased output torque.
- The ratio (Fig. 5-6,  "Efficiency diagrams" in drop-down menu) and configuration is determined by the input shaft* (always shown in the bottom of the drawing), the others shaft following clockwise (Fig. 3-4).
Flanged gearboxes models RINV-OP combined with a position indicator allows a numeric adjustment with several visualizations and connection possibilities.
- 3 sizes identified as RINV-OP62 - RINV-OP64 - RINV-OP65; configurations with two outputs.

Straight bevel gears                       Spiral bevel gears

                                             Input shaft* 

- Application fields: packaging, food, pharmaceutical, civil engineering machines, traditional and special machines in metal-, wood-, glass- working/processing, in lifting, winding and unwinding machines, milling machines, conveyors, linear guides, ... .



                                              GENERAL TECHNICAL DATA                                                 


Casing material:
grey anodized aluminum for 66/4 - /5 - /6 - /8; black anodized aluminum for 66/22,RINV-OP; AISI 303stainless steel (on request)
Shaft material:
steel with wear-resistant surface hardening treatment or AISI 303 stainless steel (standard on 66/4 -66/5 -66/8)
Gear  material:
steel with wear-resistant surface hardening treatment
Gear play tolerances:
from 0.1 ° to 0.75 ° (smaller tollerances on request*), minimum backlash and axial play
ball-bearing of the best brands suitably sized to ensure long life
long life Klüber AG 11-462 grease; on request available Klüber H1 grease for food/pharmaceutical industry, and for high temperatures
Transmission ratios:

1:1 - 1:2 reduction, 2:1 multiplication the total efficiency of the transmission is 90%

Working temperature:

-10° + 50° 

Available torques:

from 2 Nm to 80 Nm

 * Excessive play reduction, could cause blockage of the transmission; the play tends to grow with the gear wear
** no maintenance


FR    =   radial force

FA    =   axial force

R      =   efficiency
T      =   torque
Tm   =   maximum torque
Tr     =  recommended torque
Ta    =  applied torque 
To    =  output torque 
Ti     =  input torque
Pn    =  power
N     =  Newton
Nm  =  Newton meter
fu    =  use coefficient
i      =  transmission ratio
rpm = revolutions per minute (1/min)
n1   =  input shaft
n2   =  output shaft
dc   =   bevel gears 
dsp =   spiral gears
M    =   protruding / male shaft
F     =   blind hollow shaft / female 
F     =   through hollow shaft / female

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= input shaft
= ouput shaft 

1:2 in reducing *2:1 in mulitplying
n1 = 1000 RPM  n1 = 1000 RPM
n2 = 500 RPM   n2 = 2000 RPM
*available in versions A-B-C, not available in version D

                                     RADIAL AND AXIAL LOAD                                                                          
The loads are generated by the items connected to the gearbox and can be created for example by the pull of belt drives, accelerations and decelerations, structural misalignments, vibrations, shocks, etc. 
The loads acting on the shafts can be of two types: radial ‹Fr› (radial force) and axial ‹Fa› (axial force), referred to the axis of the shaft; when ordering specify whether the axial load is pull or push
FA = axial load acting in the same direction of the shaft
FR = radial load acting in a perpendicular direction to the shaft
T = torque

                               GEARBOX LIFETIME CALCULATION                                                          

Fu = ----------------------------------
         APPLIED TORQUE (Nm)▪▪

 The lifetime of 10.000h considers the following conditions: 
- Applied torque = advised torque (see tables) 
- Maximum of 8 working hours per day 
- Working temperature 20 ° - No shocks 

 Max torque applied

➤ For continuous use, contact the technical department

- For correct sizing is necessary to know: transmitted power (Pn), output torque (T) and input rotation speed (rpm).

- To identify the most suitable gearbox for your requirements, refer to the values in the table. If the real loads and efficiency are very close to the table values, contact the technical department.

- All tables show linear measurements expressed in <mm>, unless otherwise specified. All the reduction ratios are expressed as a <fraction> unless otherwise specified. All forces, efficiency and the loads are expressed in <N or Nm> (10 N ≅ 1 kg or 10Nm ≅ 1Kgm ) unless otherwise specified.


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