Angular flanged gearbox

The RINV-OP62 is a flanged angular gearbox that, combined with a position indicator type “OP2” allows a numeric adjustment, angular or linear, even if the shaft is in an uncomfortable position.

• Several orientations and connection possibilities.
• Available with 1:1 ratio.
• Maximum output torque 2,5Nm.
• Aluminium case, anodized. Steel shafts. Steel bevel gears, surface-hardened (Pronox).
• Minimum angular backlash, minimum axial backlash.
• Movements on ball-bearings, water-proof.
• Radial load 7,5 kg - axial load 0,7 kg
• Weight 80g. 







The RINV-OP is supplied standard as per overall drawing. To change the mounting position of the two flanges (flange on OP side and fixing flangeon machine side),
remove the two fixing screws, turn the flange in desired position, and fix the two screws.
To fix the machine side, insert shaft  into the hollow shaft of the RINV-OP, fix the flange on fix part of the machine then lock the fixing screws through the bore of the flange.

With the shaft block flange on the OP2, OP3, OP6, OP7, OP5, OP9 indicator as a compact unity, we obtain a safe blocking of the drive shaft.
Handle in position “a” or “b”.
Block component in anodized aluminium.
Available stainless steel flange in model FL-B OP3, bore ø14.

ø 8  ø 14 ø 14  ø 14  ø 20  ø 20
ø 10  ø 10  ø 20  ø 20    ø 25
ø 12    ø 25   ø 25     
* other bores with reducing bushes    


Thermoplastic material, steel bush.


Thermoplastic material, steel bush.


• 3 digits counter (standard red digit indicates decimals; on request 2 red digits for hundredths or 3 black digits for mm). Reading until 999. Digit height 6 mm
• Particularly suitable for little adjustments in small spaces.
• Shock-proof, self extinguishing technopolymer. Protection IP64. Max. temperature 80°C.
Inclined view at 45° for horizontal shafts and for vertical shafts, excellent readabilty given by the means of «magnifying window».
• Standard shaft bore Ø8, Ø10 or Ø12.
• Hollow shaft and metalic parts (inner and external) in stainless steel as standard version.
• Distance of anti-rotation lock-pin standard 18mm
On request:
• Special ratios and measures in Inch.
• Distance of anti-rotation lock-pin 22mm.
• Colours, glossy finish: orange RAL 2004, black RAL 9005, grey RAL 7004.
• Combinable tools: flanged gearbox: RINV-OP62 (see p. 24).
Available attachments: shaft block flange, spacer flange, movement knob.


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                                          RADIAL AND AXIAL LOAD                                            

The loads are generated by the items connected to the gearbox and can be created for example by the pull of belt drives, accelerations and decelerations, structural misalignments, vibrations, shocks, etc. 
The loads acting on the shafts can be of two types: radial ‹Fr› (radial force) and axial ‹Fa› (axial force), referred to the axis of the shaft; when ordering specify whether the axial load is pull or push type. 

                    Fr = radial load
                    is the load acting in perpendicular direction to the shaft/axis
                                                        Fa = axial load
                                                        is the load acting of the shaft/axis  

                                          GEARBOX LIFETIME CALCULATION                                 


FU = ----------------------------------
         APPLIED TORQUE (NM)**

* The lifetime of 10.000h considers the following conditions: 
- Applied torque = advised torque (see tables) 
- Maximum of 8 working hours per day 
- Working temperature 20 ° - No shocks 
** Output torque actually applied 
*** Max torque applied
"To identify the most suitable gearbox for your requirements, refer to the values in the table. If the loads and efficiency are very close to the table values, contact the technical department". 

Output torque with ratio 1:1

  Max torque
  Recomended torque

Max Torque*** (Nm) 3,8 3,3 2,7 2,4 2 1,6
Recommended torque (Nm) 2,5 2,2 1,8 1,6 1,3 1,1
Rpm 50 100 200 400 800 1400

                                                                                                    Efficiency = 90°

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