Battery-powered programmable position indicators

To 4000 pulses/revolution. Battery life till 4 years. Hollow shaft diameter from ø14 to ø25mm.

Handhweels with indicators, fixed-reaction or gravity

Handwheels in reinforced polymer, from Ø50 to Ø200. Analogue indicators, and with 5-digits counter.

Right-angle drives for position indicators
Right-Angle gear reducer

Anodized aluminum case, conic treated steel gears. Shafts from ø8 to ø20mm. Torque from 4 to 80Nm.

Hollow shaft position indicators and accessories

Several colours. Hollow shaft diameter from Ø 14 to Ø 35 mm. Versions with stainless steel shafts.

Flexible & semi-rigid shafts, couplings

Flexible shafts, lenghts or request, diameters from Ø4 to Ø20, protection sheets in rilsan, PVC rubber or zinc[...]

Rotary transducers, aboslute and incremental

Encoder from 50 to 500 pulses/revolution. Rotative potentiometer transducers, version with analogue output. Hollow[...]

Linear wire transducers, absolute and incremental

Strokes form 50 to 12000 mm. Version with analogue output.

Axial linear potentiometer transducers

Aluminium case. Strokes from 25 to 900mm. Protection degree to IP67.

Absolute and incremental systems with magnetic band

Decimal or hundreth accuracy. Sensor available in versions Push-Pull or Line Driver.

Crack meters and Inclinometers

Monitoring systems used to monitor and measure cracks and angles

Complete systems to measure linear and angular movements

The Electronic Simplex is a dimension display for the measure of linear shifting that combines in the same case the[...]

Positioning units and servomotors

Available with brushless or DC motor. Torques from 4 to 12 Nm.

Displays, impulse counters, positioning units, programmable tachometers

Reading range from 4 to 6 digits. Case sizes 48x96 or 96x96

Level switches with rotating blade for granular material

Versions with aluminium propeller, plastic blades or non-toxic rubber, Atex-versions (environment zone 20-21)

Capacitive and inductive level sensors

The proximity inductive sensors are electronic commutation elements that work without fisical contact.

Tachometers and transmissions for tachometers

Suitable for instant measuring rotation or translation speed. Accurate reading on linear scale.

Portable instruments

Employing the special coupling drivers it is possibile to measure a rotation speed between 1-19999 rev/min, or a[...]