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Handwheel with gravity and fixed indicator



These position indicators are made of a motion handwheel, assembled on a driveshaft, in which is fitted in an instrument (analogue or analogue-digital indicator) to read angles, shiftings, speed, etc.
● Depending on the number of the driveshaft turns, necessary to make the whole regulation, different step-down ratios are provided.
● On the control dial with left or right graduated circular scale, indexing is shown according to the rotations number and rotation fractions, or according to the values of the adjusted measure, to indicate rotational or linear speeds, distance between two machine elements (mm and fractions, etc.) inclination angles, pressure, etc.
The indicators can be supplied with:

● gravity reaction: for horizontal shafts or shafts that have little inclination angles. The control dial is kept in its seat by a counterweight: a gear system transfers the motion to the pointers that indicate the carried adjustment.

● fixed reaction:  for vertical or inclined shafts. A crown wheel, linked to a  lock pin, which is fixed on the machine casing, transmits the motion to the indicator when the handwheel turns.



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