Digital tachometercontact

The DT901 is a contact digital handed tachometer.
Employing the special coupling drivers it is possibile to measure a rotation speed between 1-19999 rev/min, or a translation speed within 0,1-1999,9 meters/minute (by the means of a 10 cm.development wheel, with convertion factor equal to 0,1).
The microprocessor realization, allows a wide measure range with high resolution and accuracy: these features, combined with low cost performance make the DT901 an ideal instrument to measure speeds and adjusting operations on field.
■ The instrument storages automatically the last reading and also max. and minimum values. Such parameters can be recalled on a second time pushing the special key.
■ The self switch-off function, besides its useful employment, allows to endure bacteries life.
■ The instrument is set into a strong ergonomic shock-proof self exstinguishing plastic case and it is set inside a useful bag where all the fittings are keeped.


Absorbtion 200 mA
Accuracy 0,1% ±1
Automatic range selection 0,1g./min von 1 bis 999,9 - 1 g./min da 1000 bis 19999 0,01
m/min da 0,1 a 99,99 - 0,1 m/min da 100,0 a 1999,9
Case shock-proof self exstinguishing plastic case
Display Display 8 mm. height 5 digits leds
Display updating 2 readings/second
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/EU
Measurefield 1-19999 rev./minute - 0,1-1999,9 meters/min.
Measures 200x58x47 mm
Power supply 4 batteries 1,5V AA (UM3)
Protection degree IP54
Storage Last reading, max. and min. value
Working temperature 0-50 °C

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