Digital tachometer photo-contact

The handed digital tachometer DT2236 is a contact and a reflecting multifunction revolutions counter.
The instrument is built into a self-exstinguishing, anticollision plastic case.
The steel exit shaft revolves on high speed bearings.
The instrument and its fittings are keeped in a special bag.
Photo tachometer:
● apply a 10/12 mm long strip of tape on the revolving part and direct the pencil on it (distance 50/150 mm., 300 mm. maximum). In the case of low speeds put on some more strips. In this case the value displayed should be divided by the number of strips.
Contact tachometer:
● use special coupling drivers.


EMC 2014/30/EU
Accuracy 0,05% ±1 digit
Aggiornamento nella misura 1 second beyond 60 g/m,
Automatic range selection Photo tachometer
0,1 rev./min (5.0 - 999.9) 1 trev./min. beyond 1000
Contact tachometer
0,1 rev./min (0,5 - 999.9) 1 rev./min beyond 1000
0,01 m/min (00,5 - 99.99) 0,1 m/min beyond 100 0,1 ft/min (0,1 - 999.9) 1 ft/min beyond 1000
Case shock-proof self-extinguishing
Contact tachometer measure field 0,5-19.999 rev./minute - 0,05-1999,9 m/min.- 0.2 - 6560 ft/min.
Display LCD 10 mm height 5 digits leds
Measures 215x65x37
Photo tachometer measure field 5-100.000 rev./min,
Power supply 4 batteries 1,5V AA (UM3)
Protection degree IP54
Storage Ultima lettura, valore massimo e valore minimo
Working temperature 0-50 °C

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