P100L - P100FL

Lobe handwheel with position indicator

These are motion handwheels used with analogue and analogue-digital indicators to carry out measure adjustments (angles, shiftings). The indicator is pressed inside the handwheel seat, and three hooks (3 x 120°) secure it.
• Reinforced technopolymer lobe handwheel, black colour, solvent-, oil-, grease-proof. 
• Aluminium hub with bore ø8, ø10, ø12 mm (on request). On request bored holes tolerance H8, key splines, transversal bores, etc.
• Lock pin in zinc-plated steel for fixed reaction versions ø4 mm or threaded M4 (on request) 
• Model P100L to be combined with indicators I90, IN90 for horizontal axis ( see sec. "I90-IN90-I90F-IN90F"  in the drop-down menu on the left).
• Model P100FL to be combined with indicators I90F, IN90F for tilted axis ( see sec. "I90-IN90-I90F-IN90F"  in the drop-down menu on the left).
• Model EN90 combinable with P100L/P100FL ( see “Programmable position indicators ...” in the drop-down menu on the left).




P100FL - Handwheel for fixed reaction indicators


1. Locking hooks

P100FL - Volantino per indicatori a reazione fissa

1. Locking hooks
2. Lock pin


p100 ganci
Lock pin for fixed reaction       Locking hook for instrument (3x120°)


The I90(F)-IN90(F) indicators have to be fitted in motion handwheels to measure adjustments (angles, shiftings, speed, etc.) on a control dial, with a regulation screw on the cover front. They are assembled by pressing them directly into the handwheel seat.
• Technopolymer or metal case. Transparent and shock-proof polycarbonate cover. Protection IP64. Max. temperature: 80°C.
 for more complete information, see sec. "Indicators with gravity and..." in the drop-down menu on the left.   


P100L/P100FL - I90

P100L/P100FL - IN90



 INDICATORS   I90  IN90  I90F  IN90F
 HANDWHEELS ↓       



Programmable electronic indicator for the measurement of linear or rotary movements on various types of industrial equipment (packaging, woodworking, metal-working, etc.). 
 for more complete information, see sec. "Battery-powered programmable position..." in the drop-down menu on the left. 


P100L/P100FL - EN90/EN90F


 HANDWHEELS ↓       

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