Hollow shaft encoder for op6

The ENP6 is a hollow shaft encoder that turns a rotating motion into codified digital pulses, realized to be connected with the mechanical position indicator OP6.
Assembling is carried out introducing the hollow shaft in the drive shaft and locking it with a grain, the mechanical indicator OP6 is mounted on the ENP6 with the same system.
This way is available a display with the position indicator OP6 and at the same time a codified pulses transmission to a PLC, a computer or a distance display.
The transducer is carried out in a shock-proof, self -exstinguishing plastic case, solvents-, petrol-, oils-, greases-proof.


1. Lock pin
2. 3 fixing screw
3. Fixing bores
4. Dust seal

Weight 200 gr
Colour Black
Electric connection Cable, length 2, 5, 10 meters
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/EU
Encoder resolution 10-50-60-90-100-200-250-500 i/g - i/t - i/v
Hollow shaft bore ENP6F20: ø20 H7 - ENP6F25: ø25 H7: other holes with reduction sleeves
Max. output current 20 mA
Output signals A / B channels with PUSH-PULL, TTL Line Driver 5Vdc
Power supply 10÷25 Vdc, max. 60mA
Protection degree IP54
Relative humidity 10 ÷ 90 %
Rotation maximum speed 400 RPM with OP6
Working temperature -10 ÷ 70°C

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