IM60 IM60-2 IM360

Inclinometers with analog output

They are transducers employed for the survey of listing angle, with reference to earth's axis.
These inclinometers employ a solid state sensor, vibrations and shock-resistant, without parts in motion.
• IM60-I with analogic output 4-20 mA
• IM60-V with analogic output 0-10 Vdc: measure ±60°
• IM360-I with analogic output 4-20 mA
• IM360-V with analogic output 0-10 Vdc: measure 0-360°
• IM60-I2 with two analogic outputs 4-20 mA
• IM60-V2 with two analogic outputs 0-10 Vdc: measures ±60°on two perpendicular axis.
These are accurate linear transducers, compact and easy to fix. 
Their main applications are: the measure of inclination angle of cutting-blade, crane, level control of platform etc.


Conector output                                                                        cable output

Assembling tolerance
To have the 0° measure (corresponding to 5Vcc or 120mA output). The IM60 and IM360 transducers have to be mounted with 0° axis on the axis of reference and max. 10°off-centre on the secondary axis (use in case a level). The IM60-2 has to be mounted with 0° axis (tolerance 0÷10°) on the axes of reference.

Analogue output 4-20mA ÷ 0-10Vcc
Case ABS
Electric connection cable length 2,5,10 meters or connector
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/EU
IM360: Linearity ±0,6°
IM360: Measure angle 0-360°
IM60-2: Linearity ± 0,6°
IM60-2: Measure angle ± 60° 2 axis
IM60: Linearity ±0,5° -45° ÷ +45°
±1° -60° ÷ +60°
IM60: Measure angle ± 60°
Power supply 24 Vdc ±20% - max 150 mA
Protection degree IP66
Relative humidity 10÷90 %
Repeatibility ±0,05°
Working temperature -10÷70 °C

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