Dimension display, pulses-counter

The F_X series are mono-bidirectional display unit with microprocessor with display, particularly suitable for the measurement of linear and angular dimensions with signals supplied by incremental transducers such as encoder and optical lines, magnetic band, proximity sensor.
Other features: input pulses correction factor, enabling of 2 relays, reset/preset of the dimension from keyboard and from terminal box. The F_X are extremely versatile and suitable to many different applications.
The following models have the RS232 or RS485 serial link MODBUS RTU.
• F1X5: mono-bidirectional display unit with microprocessor and six-digit display (reading scale -99999 +999999).
Versions: F1X5- displayed; F1X5-2 with 2 switch relay interventions; F1X5-RS232 or F1X5-RS485 with RS232 or RS485 serial output MODBUS; F1X5-2RS232 or F1X5-2RS485 with 2 relay interventions and RS232 or RS485 serial output. The version F1X5-SSI is used for absolute transducers which use an interface SSI (standard RS422): the system can be configured to accept a gray or binary format with byte numbers that can be selected between 4 and 24.
• F2X: an auxiliary display with two characters enables the guided programming of the display unit.
Versions: F2X- displayed; F2X-2 with 2 switch relay interventions; F2X-4 with 4 relay interventions; F2X-RS232, F2X-RS485 with serial output; F2X-2RS232, F2X-2RS485, with 2 relay interventions and serial output; F2X-T with analogue output; F2X-2T with 2 relay interventions and analogue output.
• A3X: programmable mono-bidirectional multifunction counter with three axes on 6-digit displays, (reading scale -99999 +999999), ideal solution for all the cases in which it is necessary to display the position on machines with three axes (honing machine, milling machine, etc.).
Versions: A3X- displayed, A3X-2 with 2 switch relay interventions per every axis, A3X-RS485 with serial output per every axis





Absorbed power F1X5/F2X: 4VA; A3X: 12VA
Analogue output F2X: 4÷20mA, 0÷10 Vdc, -10 +10 Vdc
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/EU
Encoder and sensors power supply F1X/F2X/A3X: 60mA
Input frequency 8 KHz Max; F2X: 100 KHz
Line frequency 50/60 Hz
Low tension - LVD 2014/35/UE
Maximum capacity of relay contacts 120Vac 0,5 A - 24Vdc 1A
Number of intervention thresholds 2 ON/OFF
Number of intervention thresholds F1X/F2X/A3X: 2 switches
Operating possibilities Monodirectional
Outside Input Eingang RESET/PRESET
Power supply 115Vac, 230Vac, 24Vac, 12÷30Vdc, +-10%
Protection degree IP54
Relative humidity 30÷90%
Self-extinguishible shock-proof case F1X: 48x96x95; F2X: 48x96x116; A3X: 144x144x116 - DIN 43700
Sensors input Open collector NPN/PNP
Serial port F1X/F2X/A3X: RS232, RS485 MODBUS RTU
Type of inputs Optoinsulated
Mechanical contact
Visualization F1X/F2X + 2 for programming; A3X (for each axes) -99999 +9999999
Working temperature 0÷50°C

The transducers MT, MTV, MTP, the magnetic strip P50/10, the magnetic rings AM14 or AM20 are incremental systems without contact for linear or angular measures.
● Transducers MT (horizontal mounting) and MTV (vertical mounting) in shock-proof, self-extinguishing technopolymer; MTP (horizontal mounting) in aluminium case.
● Magnetic Band P50/10: the band consists of a magnetized plastic ferrite strip with alternate magnetic poles of 5 mm pitch, carried by a stainless steel strip-band. Mechanical protection of the plastic ferrite strip is supplied by a stainless steel band.
● Magnetic rings: AM14 with bore ø14, AM20 with bore ø20. Supported by an aluminium ring.
 for more complete information, see sec. "Absolute and incremental systems with magnetic band" in the drop-down menu on the left. 

EN14, EN20, EN25 are hollow shaft encoders that turn a rotating motion into codified digital pulses. A special feature is the easy assembling that carries out by introducing the hollow shaft into the drive shaft and locking it with a grain.
 for more complete information, see sec. "Rotary transducers, aboslute and incremental" in the drop-down menu on the left.

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