Membrane level control for powders or granulars materials

The SM85 is a simple and economical instrument suitable for the minimum and maximum level control inside silos or hoppers that contain no sticky mate- rials, powders or granulars like rice, corns, plastics, coffee, sand, lime, etc.
Working is very simple: the pressure practiced by material on membrane activates a trigger.Trigger sensibility is adjustable by a screw placed on the instru- ment tap. Humidity and temperature variations do not affect working, the membrane is collision and vibration proof.
SM85 for the control of the level of powders or granulars in absence of fuel dust.
SM85.ATEX for the level control of materials, where, inside (process zone 20) or outside the tanks (Environment zone 21) a potentially explosive atmosphere, like dust cloud, can be present.
• Shock proof and self-exstinguishing plastic case with aluminium fixing flange
• 82 mm. dia. non-toxic black rubber membrane; the ATEX-version is in antistatic silicone rubber
• Response sensibility: 50 gr min. in the middle, 20 mm. water pressure on membrane





1. Presscable
2. Rubber membrane
3. Fixing flange
4. Sensitivity adjustment screw

The mounting is external on the silo’s wall by the means of 3 holes placed on the fixing flange. 
The installation of SM85.ATEX has to be compulsory coupled to an inherent safety barrier in order to carry out a suitable separation between the safety zone and dangerous zone.

Atex version 2014/34/UE
Case black self-exstinguishing ABS
Case Atex antistatic polyamide
Electrical contacts 6A a 250V
30V -100mA (Atex)
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/UE
Low tension - LVD 2014/35/UE
Mark CE 2460 II 1/2 D Ex ia IIIC T85°C Da IP65 -10°C < Tamb < +80°
Membrana Atex antistatic silicone rubber
Membrane non-toxic rubber
Protection degree IP 65
Working pressure atmosferica
Working temperature -10° +80°C

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