Dimensions display and magnetic band

These are dimensions display with integrated position sensor to be combined to the magnetic band in order to carry out a complete device for measuring linear or angular shiftings.
It is possible to select the count direction, the position of the decimal point on the displayed dimension, and the measure unit (mm or inches, degrees).
The displayed dimension may be corrected through a programmable factor with values ranging from 0,00001 and 999999. The dimension display may be carried out either in absolute or in incremental mode by simply pressing the suitable key; this relative measures within the measuring field may be carried out. It is also possible to set a preset dimension that may be recalled through the suitable key. There are also available distinct origins for the correction of quota by using different tools and the offset function for the balancing of tool wear. The keys enabling to recall the preset dimension and the absolute dimension/relative dimension switch may be inhibited in a very simple way.
On the display all activated functions are showed by a symbol. The run-down of battery is indicated with occasional blinking, 1 month before the complete flat the indication remains on; changing of battery is carried out in very easy way and without loosing quota, by standing machine.
• F20 with internal power supply (4 batteries type AA of 1,5V: two-year-life);
• F18 with internal power supply (2 batteries type AA of 1,5V: one-year-life);
F18R with external power supply 10-25Vdc and internal rechargeable battery (functioning for 5 months without power supply), serial output RS485 protocol MODBUS RTU for communication with remote units.


Display F20/F18


Sensor S25

1. Reading element

Magnetic band P25



Accuracy 0,1 mm/m
Accuracy 0,1 mm
Available functions

Reset/preset, absolute/incremental quota, conversion mm/inch, visualisation in degrees, 5 distinct origin for tool changing, balancing of tool wear
Cable length 0,5 m - 1,0 m - 3,0 m - 5,0 m
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/EU
Keyboard 4 keys for programming and start of functions
Low tension - LVD 2014/35/UE
Material Metal
Max. speed max. 2,5 m/sec
Power supply F20: 4 batteries AA 1,5V
F20R: external 10-25 Vdc
F18: 2 batteries AA 1,5V
F18R: external 10-25 Vdc
Relative humidity 30 -90%
Self-extinguishible shock-proof case 72x96 DIN 43700 - IP54
Sensor speed max. 2,5 m/sec
Sensor/band distance max. 0.8 mm
Serial port F20R - F18R: RS485 MODBUS RTU
Thermic expansion 11 ppm/K
Visualization -999999 +999999 - LCD
Working temperature 0°- +50°C

Integrated sensor "S25" 
The sensor fits magneto-resisitive bridges that send the signal read on the magnetic band to the 'data conversion'.

1. Reading element

Technical data sensor S25
Cable length 0,5 - 1 - 3 - 5 meters
Material metal
Working temperature 0° +50°C
Distance sensor/band max 0,8 mm
Max. speed  max 2,5 m/sec

Magnetic band "P25"
with 2.5 mm magnetic poles is realised with 3 components:

 A  = tape in magnetized resilient ferrite plastic

 = protective metal tape agianst possible mechanical frictions, dirt-proof

 C   = Stainless steel tape preassembled to be glued on machine side

Technical data magnetic tape P25

width 10 mm /thikness 1,6 mm / length max. 25 m

Working temperature  -20° +80° C
Precision  0,1 mm
Thermic expansion  11 ppm/K
Bending radius  7,5 cm


Modular support in anodized aluminium for P25/10 and P50/10, magnetic band, supplied in standard modules L=500mm; custom lenghts available on request.

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