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Our Trade

Founded in 1913 as a mechanical workshop, Fiama developed manufacturing instrumentation for farm machinery, after World War II, and establishing itself as a leading automation component manufacturer.

Fiama designs, manufactures and places on the market mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical measurement and control instrumentation, such as:
- Position indicators
- Servo drives
- Encoders, Potentiometric transducers, magnetic measurement systems
- Level controls (Atex)
- Displays
- Angular gears and transmissions

These products are mainly intended for manufacturing machinery for the food, packaging, wood, glass, ceramic, marble, sheet metal and milling industries.

The high quality of the products is guaranteed by a consolidated experience, a particular attention to the materials and qualified personnel. The company holds UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 2001.

Research and development as well as manufacturing are entirely carried out internally, thus allowing full control over the manufacturing of the products, and offering customised applications.

Investments in R&D, in cooperation with University of Parma, allow adapting production to constant technological innovations in order to respond to the market requirements.