Colour telecamera

This is a colour Telecamera on board with sensor CMOS: the transfer of images happens in real time, with big sensitivity and low power. The standard output of the signal is PAL (available also in NTSC if required) and is suitable to be sent with a simple cable to all televisions and monitor screens. The largest application fields for the telecamera are: safety such as surrounding supervision, production control within industry, plants, tools machinery, workshops, transports, a.s.o.
Available in versions:
• A Colour telecamera on board with image sensor
• B Colour telecamera on board with image sensor and microphone
• C Colour telecamera on board with image sensor with 6 led at power white light, allowing a view to 1 meter with a light bundle of 30 cm ray, used as mini telecamera for open field or tube inspections, pipes, a.s.o.
• D Colour telecamera in waterproof case with or without lighting led. The case is in anodized aluminium with protection degree IP67: water-dust-proof a.s.o. As an extremely compact device the telecamera is particularly suitable for applications in difficult working conditions. 

A = 
Telecamera standard                                  

B = Telecamera with microphon

C = Telecamera with white light led

D = Telecamera in waterproof case


Telecamera standard - version A

Telecamera with microphone - version B

Telecamera with white light led - version C

Telecamera in water proof case - version D

Absorbtion 70mA
Audio signal (optional) 2Vpp 600Ohm
Automatic increase control (AGC)
Automatic white control (AWB)
Minimum lighting 3Lux
Pixel number 628x582 PAL
Power supply 9-15V
Ratio signal/noise >48dB
Relative humidity 0-100%
Sensor dimension 1/3"
Sensor type CMOS
Video output 1Vpp 75Ohm
Working temperature -10°C +60°C

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