Probes conductivity for liquids

CL/1N Unipolar Probe: This probe is employed for level control in wells or accumulation tanks. It made up of an AISI 316 stainless steel electrode, a polycarbonate electrode-holder and a press-cable.
CL-A Unipolar Probe: This probe is employed for level control in boilers, surge tanks, or more generally where there are high temperatures and pressures (max. 200°C, 12 kg/cm2).
CLK-A Bipolar Probe: This probe is fitted with a three poles connector, two of which are connected to the electrode and the third one, earth, to the threaded support. In this way, if the tank is made of metal, there is no need to mount the earth probe. Maximum working pressure equal to 12 kg/cm2 and temperature restricted to 100 °C.
CL3-A Tripolar Probe: This probe is made up of a threaded support in thermohardening plastic material with 3 brass supports with a M6 connection for electrodes ø6 (adaptors for standard electrodes ø4 are fitted), complete with a terminal cover cap. It is suitable for a maximum working temperature of 130°C and at environment pressure.


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