Right - Angle gear reducer

Highly compact
reducer for various industrial applications, in particular for automation and robotics; applicable also to motors.
 Housing made of anodized aluminium, shafts made of PR80 steel with surface hardening treatment (high wear and fatigue resistance plus friction reduction and significant increase in corrosion resistance).
 Standard transmission ratios:
   1:1 - 1:2 - 1:3 - 1:4 - 1:5 - 1:7,5 - 1:10 - 1:12,5 - 1:15 - 1:251:30
• Several mounting options with protruding / hollow input and output shafts
“FL-U” universal flange for direct connection to machine and motors
 Output torque: 3 Nm

Available versions (see "General technical data"):

- RD26 Gear reducer
- RD26F for threaded shaft (shaft not supplied)
- RD26S with magnetic sensor
- RD26M with permanent magnet motor 
- RD26MS with permanent magnet motor and magnetic sensor
- RD26MR with gearmotor
- RD26MRS with gearmotor and magnetic sensor 




1. N° 3 shaft lock pins M3 at 120°
2. Threaded M3x6 

     FL-U Multipurpose flange

                                                                                                             Mounting positions

N° 4 bores M3x6
N° 6 bores Ø3,1 with embedding Ø5,5x3,5

RD26F for THREADED OUTPUT SHAFT (shaft not supplied)



RD26 Gear reducer RD26F with threaded shaft RD26S with magnetic sensor
RD26M FL-U with permanent magnet motor RD26MS FL-U with permanent magnet motor and magnetic sensor 
RD26MR FL-U with gearmotor RD26MRS FL-U with gearmotor and magnetic sensor 



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The loads are generated by the items connected to the gear reducer and can be created for example by the pull of belt drives, accelerations and decelerations, structural misalignments, vibrations, shocks, etc. 
The loads acting on the shafts can be of two types: radial ‹FR› (radial force) and axial ‹FA› (axial force), referred to the axis of the shaft; when ordering specify whether the axial load is pull or push type. 

FA▪︎ axial load in the same direction of the shaft/axis, can be pull or push type
FR▪︎▪︎radial loadacting in perpendicular direction to the shaft/axis

FA▪︎ = input axial load 20 N
FA▪︎ = ouput axial load 20 N
FR▪︎▪︎ = input radial load 100 N
FR▪︎▪︎ = output radial load 200N
Max. backlash 0,75°
Max input rpm (1/min) 5.000
Working temperature -20 +90°
Life 10.000 h
Weight 80 gr
Lubrication  grease AG11-462

➜ In case of continuous use, please contact our Technical Dept. In such applications, a grease fitting will be installed to allow periodic addition of lubricant with a frequency based on the work conditions.

i 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/7,5 1/10 1/12,5 1/15 1/25 1/30
R    % 0,72 0,72 0,69 0,63 0,60 0,61 0,55 0,39 0,45 0,25 0,30

TI  Nm

4,18 2,07 1,46 1,19 1 0,66 0,55 0,61 0,44 0,48 0,34
TO Nm 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3


i   = transmission ratio
R  = efficiency 
TI  = input torque
TO = output torque

⁃ To identify the most suitable gear reducer for your requirements, refer to the values in the table. If the real loads and efficiency are very close to the table values, contact the technical department.

⁃ All tables show linear measurements expressed in <mm>, unless otherwise specified.
⁃ All the reduction ratios are expressed as a <fraction> unless otherwise specified.
⁃ All forces, efficiency and the loads are expressed in <N or Nm> (10 N ≅ 1 kg or 10Nm ≅ 1Kgm ) unless otherwise specified.