Electronic side hollow shaft position indicator, battery supplied

The EP25L electronic indicator, which is supplied with an internal battery and includes in the same case the position sensor and the display unit, measures linear or angular movements,  applicable to many types of industrial machinery (packaging, woodworking, aluminium, coil etc).

Main features:
It is charachterized by a „side hollow” shaft that allows handlings and visualizations, even in uncomfortable positions.
Powered by long battery life, easy replacement from the front (without loss of quote and parameters)
The display has 6 digits besides a sign (range -999999 to 999999,) the display has 10 mm-high-digits for an excellent readability also  from a distance.
Shockproof, self-extinguishing plastic container.

Main functions:
Directly programmable by the three front keys
 On the display all activated functions are shown by a symbol.
■ Setting of the value shown on the display for every turn of the hollow shaft;  measurement direction, number of decimals.
 Parameters of reset/preset; absolute/relative reference; mm/inches conversion and display in degrees. 3 distinct origins for the correction of by using different tools and the offset function
for the compensation of tool wear.



1. Lock-pin
2. Hollow shaft ø25 with nr. 3 setscrews M5 
3. Battery compartment



VIEW A                                                                                                     VIEW B
Absorbtion EP25L: 25 mm H7
Accuracy 4000 impulses/revolution
Available functions Reset/preset, absolute/incremental quota, conversion mm/inch, visualization in degrees, 3 distinct origin for tool changing, balancing of tool wear
Box colour Black
Display LCD height 10 mm
Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC 2014/30/EU
Keyboard 3 keys for programming and start of functions
Max. revolution speed 1000 RPM
Power supply 2 batteries 1,5V
Protection degree IP54
Range -999999 +999999
Relative humidity 30-90%
Working temperature 0-50°C

With the drive shaft block flange on the indicator as a compact unity, we obtain a safe blocking of the drive shaft.
Flange in technopolymer, block component in aluminium.

Thermoplastic material, steel bush.

Thermoplastic material, steel bush.

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