Programmable indicator for magnetic band

Programmable position indicator to be combined with the magnetic band P50/10 for linear measure and integrated serial connection, which is used for linear or angular measurements. It is easy to install for a fast, efficient and safe format changeover.

Main features:
Compact and robust case made of anodized aluminum.
The display has 7,5mm-high-digits, which allow excellent readability also from a distance.
 Installation possibilities: version A for horizontal shafts with optimal visibility when positioned at a height between 50cm and 120cm.

Main functions:
Display with backlight and two rows: the first row shows the current position and the second row shows the target position. The target value is sent to the unit via a serial interface from the PLC, allowing manual format changeover by the operator using a handwheel.
 2 LEDs, 1 green and 1 red, guide the operator until the correct position has been reached
 All parameters are freely programmable via the integrated RS485 interface for networking with the PLC or a remote supervision system. It is possible to use a converter in case a Profinet, EtherNet/IP,Powerlink, EtherCat communication are required.



1. Battery bay
2. Power supply and communication cables

 CONNECTOR «M12T» (standard) 
 CONNECTOR «M12Y» (optional) 
SENSOR «MT»  (standard) 

1. Reading sensor

SENSORE «SM12» (optional) 

1. Stainless steel strip (mechanical protection)
2. Plastic ferrite strip
3. Stainless steel strip (mechanical protection)
4. Sensore side

5. Machine side




for horizontal shafts, to be positioned at a height between 50cm and 120cm
For optimal visibility, orient the unit based on the viewing angle as shown in the images

The transducers MT, MTV, MTP, the magnetic strip P50/10, the magnetic rings AM14 or AM20 are incremental systems without contact for linear or angular measures.
● Transducers MT (horizontal mounting) and MTV (vertical mounting) in shock-proof, self-extinguishing technopolymer; MTP (horizontal mounting) in aluminium case.
● Magnetic Band P50/10: the band consists of a magnetized plastic ferrite strip with alternate magnetic poles of 5 mm pitch, carried by a stainless steel strip-band. Mechanical protection of the plastic ferrite strip is supplied by a stainless steel band.
● Magnetic rings: AM14 with bore ø14, AM20 with bore ø20. Supported by an aluminium ring.
 for more complete information, see sec. "Absolute and incremental systems with magnetic band" in the drop-down menu on the left. 

Protocol converter which connects the EP4_RS and F4RS displays to Profinet, Ethernet/IP, and Powerlink networks.
 Performance increase of the connected displays.
 Fieldbus visualization of the positions reached by the connected devices.
 Real-time diagnostics of the current state of the connected devices.

 for more complete information, see "Gateway..." in the drop-down menu on the left (in the same section). 

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